idoo Private Disk

idoo Private Disk 3.0

Security tool that creates a virtual drive in your computer or removable drive

idoo Private Disk is a security tool that creates a virtual drive on your computer. Its purpose is to provide a secure space where you can store and protect sensitive data like confidential documents, photos, videos, financial data, etc. To ensure a high level of protection, the application encrypts your files using the AES 256-bit algorithm making the virtual disk totally inaccessible to other users and even to malicious software.

Creating a private disk with this tool is very easy thanks to its wizard-like interface that guides you through the process. The first step consists of choosing the private disk location; private disks can be saved to a local hard drives as well as to removable media, for example, external disks and SD cards. After that, you can assign the new disk a letter, set the size of the partition, and choose a password to protect it.

Virtual drives created with this tool work like any other disk or partition on your computer. This means that you can create folders and subfolders to organize your files as you wish. The difference is that every time you want to open a virtual disk, the program will require the password. What makes idoo Private Disk especially effective is that you can transfer the virtual partition from different computers and it keeps its protection, so you don’t have to install the program on every terminal you use.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Virtual disks transferred to different PCs preserve their security settings
  • Uses the AES 256-bit algorithm to protect data
  • Simple and effective


  • No disadvantages found, except for a constant registration reminder
  • GUI could use a little work
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